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Monday, October 1, 2018

Bathroom Accessory Manufacturers Turkey

Bathroom Accessory Manufacturers Turkey



As Esal Porcelain we manufacture and supply porcelain, ceramic, handles, door accessories, door handles, bathroom accessories, porcelain handles, child handles, metal handles, accessories, porcelains, ceramics, handle, door accessory, door handle, bathroom accessory, porcelain handle, child handle, metal handle, accessory, zamac porcelain handles, brass porcelain handles, porcelain bathroom accessories, ceramic bathroom accessories, metal, hand made handles, handmade handles, external door accessories, metal hangers, door numbers, doorknobs, button type handles, porcelain button type handles, porcelain kaftans, ceramic kaftans, amulets, zamac porcelain handle, brass porcelain handle, porcelain bathroom accessory, ceramic bathroom accessory, metal, hand made handle, handmade handle, external door accessory, metal hanger, door number, doorknob, button type handle, porcelain button type handle, porcelain kaftan, ceramic kaftan, amulet, ceramic amulets, ceramic amulet, porcelain amulet, porcelain amulets, towel bars, toilet roll holders, dustbins, liquid soap dispensers, toothbrush holders, shelves, robe hooks, apliques, soap holders, towel bar, toilet roll holder, dustbin, liquid soap dispenser, toothbrush holder... Es-Al Ceramic, commencing its activities with a small children?s furnishing grips manufacturing workshop today competes with the world with its quality and designs. The highest target of Es-Al currently manufacturing 80% of the porcelain grip requirement of Turkey is to open to international market. Es-Al Ceramic founded by Esra and Altan Kirec continues rapid manufacturing of all types of grips, door handles, bathroom and home accessories in a modern environment. The company supplying grips also for kitchen tools performs approximately 80% of the porcelain grip production in Turkey. Esra Kirec tells that Es-Al is separated from the competitors as it completes manufacturing process within own organization and adds: ?We prepare all our porcelain manufacturing with our own recipes?. Kirec, telling that they are targeting a group appreciating details and in search for decorous and affordable points that the manufacturing requires a great level of patience and finicalness. Kirec points that they continue their manufacturing activities suitable with daily trends saying ?Our products are hand-painted and hand-processed many times during production. Therefore, manufacturing requires a very patient and detail-oriented work. Besides, we can also meet with customer requests for special models and pattern effects drawing on our models.?